Fabric Welding Machine RZ-7000B

Looking to streamline fabric welding for zip screens, roller blinds, and other shading systems? RZ-7000B Fabric Welding Machine is an automatic folding and welding machine designed to weld various fabrics at once. The machine utilizes impulse technology to deliver high-quality, durable welds. Featuring a fully automated control system, RZ-7000B simplifies your operation and ensures consistent results.

Features of RZ-7000B Fabric Welding Machine

Back side of machine RZ-7000B taken at Risus Machines factory

1. Automatic welding mechanisms

Machine is equipped with welding guides performing automatically 10 different welding operations. Operator can easily use the machine without needing to change any tool set between operations. Machine automatically performs overlap welding , pocket welding (folding) , zipper welding , weldings needing of pvc free fabrics with a tape , crystal transparent welding, mosquito net welding, reinforcement welding and plastic keder welding .

2. Digitally controlled parameters and settings

Welding parameters such as cooling temperature and time , heating temperature and time , machine positioning settings , pocket size and all other details can be set digitally via machine touch screen . By program list page , operator can easily register and reuse parameters for different brand code fabrics.

3. Precision and Impeccable Fabric Welds

Front side of machine RZ-7000B taken at Risus Machines factiory

Besides meticulous workmanship, we collaborate with worldwide known brands to ensure precision, cleanliness, and high-quality cutting across our machine range. The brands we use in machines are; SIEMENS for all automation parts and devices, SMC and FESTO for pneumatics, SCHNEIDER and SIEMENS for rest of the electric parts.

4. Multiple Tasks at Once with our Fabric welding machine

With all available versions in 6 meters or 4.5 meters net welding models , you can place multiple fabrics and weld them together at once .

5. Remote control service assistance

Finally, like other products in range, RZ-7000B is equipped with 15.6″ Windows controlled PC Touch Screen which helps Risus Machines technical team to connect remotely for any assistance.

   zipper used for zipper welding in RZ-7000B machine

Fabric Welding Machine: Machine Versions

RZ-7000B : Automatic version with 4.5 meters & 6 meters net welding options

RZ-7000C : Semi-automatic version with 4.5 meters & 6 meters net welding options

Welding tape for pvc free fabrics welded at RZ-7000B machine

To sum up, in order to select best model for you or learn more information about Risus Machines welding range, please contact us via info@risusmachines.com or one of the contacts in this page.


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