Aluminium Double Head Mitre Saw


  • 45° – 90° Automatic cutting for Alu. Profiles
  • Cooling system for Alu. Profiles
  • Servo motor motion controlled
  • Ability of cutting under intermediate angles
  • Pc controlled with Windows operating system
  • Easy and fast data transfer because of Pc ( by usb memory , cable , cd , wireless, Ethernet, mail etc. )
  • Unlimited cutting data memory
  • 3 different cutting type;


It is one of the basic cutting type that operator writes dimension and then cuts one by one Automatic Transfer Cutting:

Cutting list is transferred from the window design program. According to cutting list row , moveable right head goes to dimension, heads turn angles automatically and hen finish the cutting process. Duty of the operator is just to feed profil Automatic Recipe Cutting: Unlimited cutting lists are edited and stocked according to customer name in the recipe page by operator. After editing, in the automatic cutting page operator choose the cutting list from the recipe page and then cutting starts. After these processes, Duty of the operator is just to feed profile.

  • Left head is fixed, right head is moveable
  • Lineer rail guide system is used for moveable head motion
  • Ability of cutting max. 6000 mm
  • Saw discs are 550mm
  • Ability of cutting in one head
  • Movable feeding conveyor system which is connected to right head
  • Horizontal and vertical clamps for strong fixing
  • Remote control service technology
  • It can cut Alu. corner chock
  • Optional barcode system

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