Welding and Cleaning Line


  • It is designed for 90 ⁰ welding and cleaning of PVC profile frames as a line.
  • Line has 4 different stations ; welding station (RY-4050), cooling station (CNC-6006C) , transportation-turning station (CNC-6006T) and cleaning station (CNC-6006)
  • Ability of zero welding (0,2 mm) for coloured profiles
  • Pc controlled with Windows operating system.
  • Easy and fast data transfer because of Pc (by USB memory, cable, CD, wireless, Ethernet, mail etc.)
  • New profile programs that have been sent by e-mail can be easily downloaded to software of machine without any need to technical stuff.
  • Thanks to 19’’ LCD control screen for being user-friendly
  • Remote control service technology.
  • Because of barcode reader system, welding heads move to dimensions automatically.
  • Manual or automatic working ability.
  • It has automatic profile recognition system. Because of this, no need to make selection for profiles by the operator.
  • Unlimited profile system data memory.
  • Automatic lubricating system.
  • Production capacity is 200-240 frames/8 hours.

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