Impulse Welding Machines RİSUS RP-7000 Risus Machines


Automatic Welding Machine

RP-7000  is ideal to perform all required welding operations of pergola fabrics


  • Designed for welding pergola fabrics with operations such as overlap welding and sealing strip welding
  • Has 8 meters net welding capacity
  • Automatic change of guides , no need for manual interruption
  • 10″ HMI-PLC Controlled touch screen
  • Upper and Lower Resistances can be controlled separetly
  • Adjustable welding parameters (temperature, cooling and heating times)
  • Impulse welding technology, without smell, soot and frequency, enables safer and healthier usage for operators
  • Ability to perform simultaneous welding for multiple small sized products
  • Laser alignment
  • Electro-pneumatic controlled
  • CE Certfified

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