Automatic Folding And Welding Machine – Impulse Welder

RZ-7000B Impulse welder is ideal to automatically fold and weld technical fabrics used to produce sun shading systems like zip screens , roller blinds , awnings , mosquito nets and more. With wide range of welding options RZ-7000B performs applications such as pocket welding (folding) , zipper welding , plastic keder welding , overlap welding, tape welding (for pvc free fabrics) , reinforced weldings .


  • Unique design (patented with 2019.19813)
  • Homogenous , clean and strong seal along 6 meters
  • Automatic change of guides , no need for manual interruption
  • Welding multiple fabrics together at once
  • Digitally changeable welding parameters and settings
  • 15.6″ Windows Operating PC Control
  • Remote control service
  • Changeable welding bar
  • Safe and easy working space
  • Pocket welding between 10mm-100mm
  • Additional welding program for pvc free fabrics
  • Welding of transparent (crystal)
  • Equipped with worldwide known leading brand parts
  • 24 months machine warranty

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