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Roller Shutter Cutting Machine: RS-3600H For Boxes, Profiles and More

RS-3600H Roller Shutter Cutting Machine is specifically designed for roller shutter producers, based on the cutting needs for various shutter components such as roller shutter boxes, slats, side guides. In addition to singular cuts, RS-3600 can cut a group of boxes or package of slats.

Automatic machines, such as RS-3600H, are especially designed for cutting of roller shutters increases efficiency, quality and speed of productions. As serving one of primary process, users should select cutting machine carefully in order to sustain the quality in the rest of the production.

Roller Shutter Cutting Machine: Why RS-3600 is a good fit ?

Roller Shutter Slats

There are several reasons why roller shutter producers prefer one of our best-seller model RS-3600 as their primary Roller Shutter Cutting Machine. Such as:

1- Cutting Surface and Capacity 

Equipped with a V-shaped cutting surface, RS-3600 offers high-quality cuts that are particularly perfect for boxes. The machine can cut shutter boxes up to 400mm in size, typically answering all needs of producers for box and profile cutting.

2- Precision and Clean Surface Cutting

Besides meticulous workmanship, we collaborate with worldwide known brands to ensure precision, cleanliness, and high-quality cutting across our machine range. The brands we use in machines are; SIEMENS for all automation parts and devices, SMC and FESTO for pneumatics, SCHNEIDER and SIEMENS for rest of the electric parts.

3- Tools For Shutter Components

RS-3600 is equipped with different clamping tools, enabling the perfect cut for different roller shutter components.

Roller Shutter Box

4- Automatic Cuts with Digital Measuring

Measuring is automatic for RS-3600H and Rs-3600D versions. The user enters the cutting length from touch screen and machine position itself with servo motor control automatically. After machine completes cutting, conveyor stop open up according to time and length set by the user, which helps to take the material easily.

5- Traceability with Barcode Integration 

We optionally offer barcode integration to RS-3600H. This means that the machine provides a barcode print that includes cut material information, company information, order information, construction information, etc. With barcode integration, users can better track production. Resulting in better efficiency and avoid mistakes and have a more responsive environment.

6- Remote control service assistance 

Finally, the Roller Shutter Cutting Machine RS-3600H is equipped with 15.6″ Windows controlled PC Touch Screen. This will help Risus Machines technical team to connect remotely for any assistance.

showing V shape surface of Roller Shutter Cutting Machines by Risus Machines

The best Roller Shutter Cutting Machine version to choose:

  • RS-3600H Roller Shutter Cutting Machine

RS-3600H is the highest version in the range of Roller Shutter Cutting Machines. This model offers digital measuring system, Windows operated 15.6″ PC Screen, Remote Control Assistance as well as Barcode Integration possibility.

  • RS-3600D Roller Shutter Cutting Machine

RS-3600D is the middle version in the range which is offering digital measuring system with 7″HMI-PLC Touch Screen.

  • RS-3600M Roller Shutter Cutting Machine

RS-3600M is the version with manual digital measuring system where operator uses machine stop with hand and control the machine with buttons.

To sum up, in order to select best model for you or learn more information about Risus Machines cutting range, please contact us via or one of the contacts in this page.


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