Roller Shutter Side Locking Machine RS-4400

RS-4400 Roller Shutter Side Locking Machine automatically inserts roller shutter side locks (caps) to already cut and assembled aluminium roller shutters. Insertion of side locks is done simultaneously with staples that secures the caps .


1- Automation in Production : Higher Speed & Efficieny

Side locking is one of the most time consuming operation for roller shutter producers. RS-4400 eliminates the manual difficulties of the job and take cares the rest after the shutter roll is loaded. It gives the perfect advantage to compete with current production speeds without increasing the number of employee and still produce more.

2- Customized Tool Sets

Machine tools are spesifically designed according to roller shutter profile brand / type of the user which provides a customised machinery performance

3- One machine for multiple sizes

RS-4400 can process up to 4 different roller shutter profile sizes such as with additional tool sets . According to parameters set for each size , it only requires a practical tool set change and choosing the desired size to work with from machine’s 15.6″ touch screen.

4- Machine Precision

Besides meticulous workmanship, we collaborate with worldwide known brands to ensure precision, cleanliness, and high-quality cutting across our machine range. The brands we use in machines are; SIEMENS for all automation parts and devices, SMC and FESTO for pneumatics, SCHNEIDER and SIEMENS for rest of the electric parts.

5. Remote control service assistance

RS-4400 Roller Shutter Side Locking Machine is equipped with 15.6″ Windows controlled PC Touch Screen which helps Risus Machines technical team to connect remotely for any assistance.

To sum up, in order to select best model for you or learn more information about Risus Machines welding range, please contact us via or one of the contacts in this page.


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